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Action Plan

To reverse 37 years of trade deficits we need fundamental change in our policies to include:

  • Uniform commonality of how to implement tax policies between states setting up a common “best practices” protocol and call out any state that fails to support these protocols
  • Support an national sales tax or VAT tax
  • Reduction of restrictions, certifications and controls on business to allow them compete with less burden
  • Removal of annual property tax on business assets excluding the actual physical building.  Most people don’t realize companies have to pay taxes on the assets in the building annually
  • Restrict the number of federal college loans for degrees that are not in demand
  • Offer subsidies on degrees that promote the jobs in high demand
  • Provide green cards for foreigners with advanced degrees that take jobs in the US for a specified number of years
  • Open green cards for people wishing to immigrate, willing to pay for the vetting process, and able to pay a little bit more for the rights to be part of our system
  • Modify the legal system to promote loser pays
  • Validate all government identification systems are UID/GS1 compliant or replace ones that are not
  • Require that all government contractors own or operate a business that is 51% commercial/manufacturing
  • Re-think unemployment insurance – Don’t take money from companies with a strong payroll to give it to the government to fund unemployed.  Sponsor the opportunity for companies to hire people instead of just giving it to the government.  Just keep the money in the company as long as net income of any individual within that company doesn’t exceed $250k and average salary for the company in aggregate doesn’t exceed $75k.
  • Tie bonuses in food stamps aka SNAP to a lack of unexcused absences by the kids of the people who are getting the SNAP funds
  • Pass TERM LIMITS by creating visibility to each person involved in making a decision to see it pass.  Walk the bill through the required sub-committees. Make each candidate swear a pledge to uphold these term limits.
  • If the government is paying for your healthcare and you are not contributing you should not have significant legal recourse
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  1. Julie Squire
    October 3, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    On unemployment insurance – we do need to encourage companies to hire workers; but what do we do about those who are suddenly laid off, and they need to put food on the table? The primary unemployment insurance program provides 26 weeks of benefits to workers who have recent wages and are laid off through no fault of their own. Individuals who have not worked in the last year are not eligible.

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