About us

If elected officials wanted to slow down vehicles, they could pass a law ordering departments of transportation to install speed bumps along major highways. Would we accept that? No.

Yet those driving America’s economic busses and its employee passengers brake hard to pass over speed bumps everyday: runaway regulations, confusing tax compliance and frivolous lawsuits to name a few. My business can do without those impediments, and I know yours can too.

I am the CEO of a company that must constantly innovate or we will be out of business. Barcoding, Inc., based in Baltimore, Maryland, helps our clients use technology to drive more revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve the customer experience.

Unfortunately, a majority of government officials think of revenue as taxes, operational costs as progress, and customer experiences as bureaucracy.

Canmerica.org is an organization founded with common centrist political ideals for the purpose of influencing elected officials, the media and the business community to accelerate economic and employment growth. Tired of constantly applying the brakes? Connect with us and let’s take down senseless obstacles erected in city halls, state capitols and Washington D.C.

-Jay Steinmetz, CEO, Barcoding, Inc.

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