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Who can we learn from?

July 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The leadership of our country has been content to learn about how American can compete from the smartest and most successful people in our society.  These people are titans of industry, new technology start-ups CEO’s, economists and professors.  However, for every Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Welch there are 1000 companies and the people behind them that are struggling to maintain profitability.  These are companies that may not own their markets or are sometime forced to compete internationally with little inherent competitive advantage and possibly constrained resources.

If American is to end the 35 year history of negative trade balance we must truly understand the burdens put on these businesses that result in decreased efficiencies.  There is no magic bullet to change the tide of trade we have chosen, but understanding the frivolous constraints that a business has to overcome on a day to day basis is the the first step in changing the tide of  negative trends that we are seeing from all angles.