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Keeping the lights on

October 15, 2012 Leave a comment

While I cannot say I have any expertise in this space, I feel that the powers that influence the direction of American energy independence are too powerful.  Policy should be defined and only modestly changed.  Significant changes in policy from administration to administration create too much uncertainty and therefore a decrease the volume of investment.  75% of the ridiculously large US trade deficit is energy so this is a PRIORITY.

The US Energy Department should be supporting all energy sources with an emphasis on renewable and safer nuclear alternatives such as Thorium.  (This Thorium a home run for the US as we have secure domestic supplies in abundance)

With regards to solar power, the US Government should purchase a few key solar patents under a third party source, license them out to specific US and select foreign companies.  Once this is done they should then mandate any subsidies be given to companies that follow the patented technology or process.  This is just a creative idea to spur domestic production and sale. (take it for what it is worth)

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