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Actions to solve the trade deficit

Once we have understood the frivolous constraints that restrict small and mid-sized businesses from being competitive, we must rank and rate each issue highlighting and quantifying its effect on business.  This must be done by interviewing real small business owners that operate businesses between $20 mil and $200 mil.  Going through the P&L will highlight areas of expense that are NOT directly related to the development, production and sale of the products or services.  Once identified and multifaceted action plan must take place to remove or reduce these constraints.

While we cannot burden imports with levees without causing a trade war.  We can assist our local businesses with federal assistance related to environmental remediation and energy subsidies relating to alternative energy.  For instance, if we can incentive local manufacturing by offering extreme subsidies for the use of solar power even to the point of building the solar array’s and providing the energy at a rate well below market rate for traditional energy, we will find American business coming home.  This has a two fold effect.  It makes manufacturing in the US more attractive by assisting with government subsidies on energy and it reduces our energy dependence on foreign sources of energy.

This is just one of a multi-pronged approach to trade balance.


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  1. August 1, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Jay, I would really go for this if we made those solar systems in America and in a city like Baltimore. We could set people up in business in urban manufacturing districts that have additional government support to grow business and jobs.

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